Elizabeth Mika LCPC, MA

Elizabeth Mika has close to 30 years of experience
doing counseling and therapeutic work with children, adolescents,
adults and couples. Her interests include creativity and mental health;
learning differences and learning styles; multiple exceptionalities; and
emotional, moral and spiritual development.

I believe that each of us has a unique purpose in life and that realizing
this purpose is what gives our life meaning. Our traumas, fears,
anxieties, depressions, inner conflicts, and other emotional difficulties
are part of our growth through self-discovery and finding our life’s
purpose. Such difficulties are opportunities for transformation: when
properly understood and addressed, they lead to positive change and
a greater sense of empowerment and well being. In my counseling
and therapeutic work, which included populations of cancer and
psychiatric patients, as well as couples and gifted people of all ages
with emotional, learning and other exceptionalities, I focus on helping
clients understand and develop their strengths, values and ideals, and
use them as vehicles of healing and growth.

847.336.5621 x 137