How Do I Get My Kids To Sleep In Their Own Beds?! by Leigh Ann Huffman, LCSW

I’ve never had a client ask, “How can I get my child to come into my bed more at night?”  Every family has their own routines and strategies for getting little ones to bed.  And if your’s is working for your family then enjoy.  But many families are struggling with bed time routines, getting their […]

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Though Memory Fades, Love Endures -by Gayle Florian

  My mother’s hands are cool to the touch. Cold hands, warm heart, she likes to say. For her that is true. She has dementia, and though memories continuously erode away, her gracious spirit seems to expand to fill the crevices that remain. Today when I arrived to visit my mom, I wheeled her past […]

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Learning More about EMDR Therapy -by Jamie Edwards, LCSW

  What is EMDR? Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, or EMDR, is a relatively new and groundbreaking therapy that has been proven effective for those who have experienced trauma and performance anxiety, as well as those experiencing other types of anxiety, panic, depression, and other emotional difficulties.  EMDR is appropriate for adults as well as adolescents […]

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