Healthy Sleep Habits by Christine Taylor, LCPC

A common complaint among most of my clients is the inability to get quality sleep. Inadequate sleep can contribute to depression, anxiety, irritability, and concentration, among others issues. I think we can all relate to rushing through our day and going to bed simply because we cannot stay awake any longer. Many believe they need […]

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Controlling/Abusive Relationships Part II: How to Help Someone You Know by Jamie Edwards, LCSW

With October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I thought a good follow-up to my last blog – “The Basis for Abusive Relationships: Control” – would be to write about what you can do if you know someone in such a relationship. Here are seven tips that can help. Open up the conversation. It is threatening […]

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The Basis for Abusive Relationships: Control Written by Jamie Edwards, LCSW

When discussing relationships, I find that people are very cautious about using the word abuse. However, when I replace the word with controlling, all of a sudden discussion flows freely. When we uncover the base of an abusive relationship, we find that one partner has almost all the control and the other partner has very little. Below is […]

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