When a Loved One Has a Substance Abuse Problem by Laura Novak, LCSW, CADC

Clients often come to me with concerns regarding a family member’s substance use.  It can be challenging to live with or to set boundaries with someone in the midst of an addiction. Loved ones are often confused, frustrated, and unsure how to respond to addictive behaviors. While not easy, there are things to consider and some concrete steps […]

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The Enneagram for Self-Growth by Laura Novak, LCSW, CADC

In my work as a therapist, I enjoy using various assessments and personality tests that can aid clients in their journey to self-awareness and personal growth.  The Enneagram is a personal favorite of mine and can be a great tool to help you delve into a deep understanding of yourself.  The enneagram helps us understand our compulsive, unconscious drives. […]

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Mood Tracking with Children and Adolescents by Christine Taylor, LCPC

Often I meet parents who are worried, sad, and even confused about their child’s mood. They feel like they can’t keep up, or they don’t understand where the mood changes are coming from. This leads to more frustration and feeling helpless. A good place for families to start is with mood tracking. Mood tracking is […]

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