Why I Practice Tai Chi -by Phil Kirschbaum, LCSW

I was first introduced to the practice of Tai Chi in 1994 during a training experience at the Harvard Mind Body Institute, a Division of the Harvard Medical School.   I was impressed that this esteemed Medical School was including Tai Chi as one of the ways they were teaching their medical residents, community health providers […]

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Beginning Anew: Breathing New Life and Compassion into Your Relationships -by Nancy Flaherty, LCPC

All of us have moments in our relationships where we find ourselves at an impasse.  We may have been hurt, or caused hurt, and we find ourselves in a stalemate with our partner, family member or colleague and don’t know how to move forward. Thich Nhat Hahn, a noted Buddhist monk who specializes in mindfulness […]

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Healing from Loss of a Loved One -by Jamie Edwards, LCSW

The loss of a loved one can be one of the most difficult experiences in anyone’s life.  Loss provokes the natural process of grief, however we may be inclined to speed this process along to avoid difficult feelings such as sadness, anger, and loneliness.  Our modern culture also supports this by expecting us to have […]

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