Identifying Strengths and Challenging Your Inner Critic -by Laura Novak, LCSW, CADC

It’s easy for a lot of us to identify areas where we can improve. It’s also easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves to others who seem smarter, more attractive, funnier, more disciplined, more easy going, wealthier, etc. What can happen is that when we are overly aware of and focus on what we […]

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Understanding Self Injury: A Guide for Parents -by Emily Hasselquist, LCSW

What is Self Injury? Self Injury can be a difficult subject to discuss with your child.  It is the act of deliberately harming oneself in order to ease emotional pain or discomfort. Common forms of self injury include cutting, burning or scratching. The physical pain associated with self injury can become soothing and even addictive […]

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Is My Child Depressed? 3 Lesser Known Signs of Depression in Children and Adolescents -by Emily Hasselquist, LCSW

Depression in children and adolescents can look very different than it does in adults.  While feelings of sadness and hopelessness are still common symptoms, there are many other warning signs to be aware of.  Below are 3 lesser known symptoms to look for beyond what we typically think of when we hear the term depression:

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