Geriatric Counseling

Geriatric, or gerontological, counseling, involves addressing issues which arise with the advent of our aging population. Geriatric counselors assist the elderly with physical, mental and emotional health issues that are affiliated with aging. The goal of geriatric counseling is two fold: to improve overall health and to improve quality of life. There are a myriad of issues that the elderly struggle with which include but are not limited to the following:
  • coping with decline in overall health
  • changes in lifestyle, family structure, physical and mental health
  • issues of loss to include loss of independence, spouse/child, or purpose
  • retirement transition
  • potential lifelong issues with mental illness, very often undiagnosed during one’s lifetime
  • dementia related issues pertaining to self and loved ones
  • caregiving┬áchallenges
  • end-of-life issues and understanding the role of hospice
  • increased stress related to factors already listed
Geriatric counselors can become a bridge between health care providers and community resources. Psychoeducation is a large piece of geriatric counseling as providing the client and their family with information to make informed decisions is crucial.