Stress Reduction Classes

At GCC, we are keenly aware of the multitude of stressors in all of our lives. Financial pressures, world events, high expectations to perform at work and at school, health challenges, family problems (including marital conflict, divorce, remarriage and blending families, single-parenthood) peer pressure – all contribute to our stress level and the psychological, physical and emotional consequences of those stressors. Perhaps most damaging are our occasional impossible expectations of ourselves.
In response to those life- stressors, our staff has created programs designed to show participants ways to relax, “calm the emotional storm”, manage racing thoughts and unrealistic expectations and build a healthier lifestyle. Classes in meditation, mindfulness, yoga and tai chi are offered regularly throughout the year as a companion to our more traditional psychological services.

Grief Yoga – Grief is a powerful emotion that impacts the body, mind and spirit, sometimes leading to feelings of isolation and physical fatigue. This 4-week series is designed to offer support, guidance, and strategies, as participants work through their individual grief journey. In addition to sharing stories, yoga poses, meditation, grief education and journaling will be integrated into each of the sessions. Please consider joining us if you have experienced the loss of a loved one as you work towards feeling more connected and whole again. Please bring a journal and an open mind. Yoga mats will be provided, however feel free to bring your own if you desire.

Mindfulness and Meditation Practice Class – In this class you will learn meditation techniques to help you find peace and tranquility in your life. People have used meditation for thousands of years to increase focus and concentration, develop intuition, alleviate stress, overcome depression, find your life’s purpose, reduce anger and frustration, and stabilize emotionality. This class will include a variety of mindfulness and meditation practices that can be incorporated into any part of your day. We will explore gentle moving meditations, guided meditations, restorative/lying down meditations, breathing techniques and a seated practice. The class is perfect for beginners, those who have already taken meditation classes, as well as seasoned practitioners.

Tai Chi – Tai Chi is an ancient system of movement and meditation, which aims to enhance our health, develop clarity of thinking and create inner calm. At Gurnee Counseling Center, our classes are fun and from the first class, give students practices they can use in their daily life. Although we teach form, our emphasis is on learning about Chi (“vital energy”) and enjoying the slow, graceful, flowing Tai Chi movements.