Healthy Eating and Body Image Counseling

In our current “thin ideal” and fitness driven society, concerns about one’s weight, physical appearance and food have become increasingly prevalent for people of all ages and genders. At times these concerns can become so overwhelming that they begin to interfere with our ability to function on a daily basis and may even affect our ability to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Here at GCC we offer counseling services that begin with a thorough assessment of the individual’s concerns and accordingly make recommendations for the appropriate level of care. We provide counseling that addresses disordered eating habits as well as the underlying psychological and interpersonal issues that often are at the source of the dysfunctional behaviors and negative beliefs. Treatment integrates aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy but also mindfulness, yoga and dance/movement therapy as a means to address both mind and body.

Let us here at Gurnee Counseling Center help you to learn to rekindle a more caring, compassionate and healthy relationship with you and your body.