Mindfulness Training

We are happy to be offering customized Mindfulness Trainings for Organizations. Below are some of the reasons to consider Mindfulness Training for your workplace or clients:

  • A staff member or client lets you know that they are anxious or afraid and don’t know how to settle themselves down.
  • A colleague approaches you and lets you know that they are stressed about their life at work or home, and that it’s hurting their ability to function optimally in their job.
  • Our own work expectations – what others expect of us, or worse yet, what we expect of ourselves – has reached a point where we’re anxious, not getting enough sleep, working way too many hours, not getting enough play, exercise, time with loved ones etc.
  • People in your organization are so busy multi-tasking or so wrapped up in technology that that they’re not really listening and are missing important connections with others.
  • We’re worried or upset about the past, or what’s to come and feel like we’re missing out on being alive in the present moment.
  • We seem imprisoned by our own rigid way of seeing and doing things and have a hard time getting “outside of the box” and exercising our creative possibilities.
  • We see problems as insurmountable instead of seeing them as an opportunity or a challenge.
  • We seem to have lost our compassion for our clients, our colleagues, our company/ organization or ourselves.

If any of the above describes your organization, perhaps it’s time to consider mindfulness training for your staff. Businesses, schools, medical practices, counseling groups and community groups around the country are integrating mindfulness training for their employees and for their customers. Through mindfulness training, organizations are increasing participants’ ability to focus, think outside the box, find new passion and compassion in their work and really show up for the task at hand.

Our team will work with you to design a training experience for your staff or clients that will be both educational and personally rewarding.