Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a flexible, collaborative process. Most individuals initiate therapy in response to some form of emotional suffering—anxiety, depression, grief, stress, irritability, disconnection, boredom, anger. A therapist is first and foremost an ally, equipped to provide understanding, encouragement, and perspective without the complication of also being a parent, spouse, friend, or coworker.

Individual counseling can also be a pause in the hectic game of life, an opportunity to reflect and prepare for a week ahead and for your life to follow. Desired skills such as assertiveness, anger management, impulse control, stress management, and self-care are developed through a steady rhythm of alternating in-session strategizing and between-session practice.

Individual therapy lessens emotional pain through support, skill development and enhanced self-awareness. Therapy facilitates the identification and modification of unhealthy relationship patterns, self-critical attitudes, unrealistic expectations, and exaggerated worry.

Most powerfully, individual therapy can facilitate a realigning with one’s true nature. If individuals enter therapy somewhat at odds with themselves, they leave a successful therapy experience ready to be more compassionate with themselves and others, pursue happiness, and participate in life.