Loss and Trauma Recovery

Within everyone’s life, loss is inevitable; some losses may be more difficult than others and may require professional help. Both physical losses such as a death or injury, and other losses such as losing a home or job, can contribute to ongoing suffering and a feeling of isolation. At Gurnee Counseling Center, we want you to know that you are not alone. Through personal connection and innovative techniques, our therapists will guide you on your road to recovery.

At Gurnee Counseling Center, we recognize that every person’s road is different, and tailor our services to meet each person’s needs. Our therapists will help you to make sense of intense and confusing emotions, and shed light on what may seem like abnormal reactions. Often, mind body approaches such as yoga, tai chi, and meditation are a useful addition to therapy around trauma and loss; classes on these techniques, such as grief yoga workshops, are available onsite at GCC.

The effects of trauma and loss can be devastating and overwhelming. Let Gurnee Counseling Center help you take back control of your life and guide you to a new beginning.