Family Counseling

Family counseling is an important part of our work here at GCC. We believe that, when one person in the family is having difficulty, it is very helpful to have everyone working together to create change. It can be effective no matter what type of family – intact, divorced, separated, or blended. Family counseling gives each person, adults and children alike, an opportunity to communicate in a safe and productive way. Moreover, it offers everyone in the family an opportunity to openly, lovingly address important issues, show appreciation, learn to ask for what they need, while at the same time learn the ability to receive constructive criticism. Ideally, family counseling should be a place where every member has a voice regarding their individual needs and expectations as well as those of the family as a whole. It offers a unique opportunity, apart from the baggage and noise of everyday life, to address problems as individuals connected within the family system. Even if only one member begins to change, a family can begin to change.